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  • Monopoly 3  51)   Monopoly 3 1.0
    Monopoly 3 features cleverly animated tokens; bright 3-D graphics; and a choice of 10 major city game boards including the classic Monopoly game board.

  • DWEEBS 2: The New Breed DEMO  52)   DWEEBS 2: The New Breed DEMO V1.0
    Mutation, the original creators and developers of Dweebs; now bring you those super cute furry dudes in this sequel... Dweebs 2: The New Breed !.

  • Penguin Puzzle  53)   Penguin Puzzle 1.0
    Penguin Puzzle is a lovingly crafted puzzle game with a unique look and sound. This game just bursts with addictive game-play! A game for all ages, Penguin Puzzle has a catchy sound track, great graphics and low system requirements.

  • Jigetiser Advent Calendar  54)   Jigetiser Advent Calendar 2006
    The application shows the advent calendar typical numbers you can click on to start a jigsaw puzzle. Every jigsaw puzzle shows a winter or advent image.

  • Chess Opening Trainer  55)   Chess Opening Trainer 1.1
    This software helps you learn and remember chess opening theory very effectively. In addition, you can use this software to build your opening repertoire. Chess Opening Trainer builds on the time-tested educational technique of learning by doing.

  • Word Jolt  56)   Word Jolt
    Get ready for an electrifying jolt of fun.

  • Mallet Mania  57)   Mallet Mania 2.3
    Use your mallet (and your brain) to flatten the pattern of squares without leaving any bits sticking out!

  • Tangram  58)   Tangram 2.1
    Tangram is a popular put-together puzzle. The object of the game is to form a given shape using all seven pieces. Tangram develops logical thinking and spatial imagination, and it is a great game for coffee breaks with 1000 best Tangram puzzles.

  • Jump Jump Jelly Reactor  59)   Jump Jump Jelly Reactor 1.0
    The Jellies need your help! Jellytown is under attack by the vile Rockons. Arcade, strategy, puzzle solving, and many different challenges await in Jump Jump Jelly Reactor!

  • Monarch - The Butterfly King  60)   Monarch - The Butterfly King 1.0
    Journey across majestic Celtic ruins as you create potions and harness magic in this match-game of enchantment. Help Monarch, the Butterfly King, rescue his friends from the clutches of a mysterious wizard bent on freezing his kingdom in magical...

  • Candy Cruncher  61)   Candy Cruncher 1.57
    Check out the fast and furious game play in Candy Cruncher! Don't be deceived by its simplicity - only a master Cruncher can eat candy while avoiding the Dreaded Black Jellybeans!

  • Free Movie Downloads  62)   Free Movie Downloads 1.25
    Free Movie Downloads simple and easy jigsaw puzzle. Join the puzzles to make a complete puzzle.

  • Pattern Panics!  63)   Pattern Panics! 1.02
    Play more than 250 fun and challenging levels. Pattern Panics! lets you recreate many different patterns from falling pieces. Rotating and moving these falling pieces form pattern. Recreation of these patterns offers unique challenge.

  • Inner Quest  64)   Inner Quest 1.0
    Inner Quest is packed full of happy emotions and good feelings. It exists specifically to make your day! An amazing experience that will help you decrease the wear and tear on your mind from the challenges and hassles of daily life.

  • Illustrix Dream Pack  65)   Illustrix Dream Pack 1.0
    Absolutist introduces the new genre mix! Arcade-style gameplay is combined here with the mystique of the puzzle. Your goal is to prevent the board from filling up with the oncoming blocks and to reveal a hidden picture of an animal at the same time.

  • Cyclanoid  66)   Cyclanoid 8.398
    This is a set of games and logic puzzles with various board sizes and controls to allow for easy, medium, or high skill levels. You can play offered games and create your own logic puzzles using built-in game builder.

  • Fishing  68)   Fishing 1
    this is a great puzzle to solve and complete and is a great fishing puzzle great

  • Mystery Cookbook  70)   Mystery Cookbook 1.0
    It's bon appetite as you take the role of a go-getting mouse who's out to become a skilled chef. Packed with adventure and brimming with laughs, Mystery Cookbook is a delightful hidden object challenge for gamers.

  • Jewel of Atlantis  71)   Jewel of Atlantis 1.0
    Match-3 mechanics plus breakout-style mayhem equals pure fun in this exciting new action puzzle set in the depths of Atlantis!

  • Natalie Brooks - Secrets of Treasure House  72)   Natalie Brooks - Secrets of Treasure House 1.1
    Is there a better setting for an adventure game than an old house full of secret rooms and hidden corridors? No! And Natalie Brooks: Secrets of Treasure House has plenty of these and more. Begin the journey today!

  • Kakuro Mini 2007  73)   Kakuro Mini 2007 2.89
    Kakuro puzzle game and solver for Pocket PC. Hint features include automatically markup and reveal cell. Youcan solve newspaper puzzles by manually entering them. Sizes from 6x6 to 9x9 and difficulties from easy to hard.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Lite  74)   Jigsaw Puzzle Lite 1.8.4
    A lot of free puzzles included in this game, and you can create your own puzzles from your favourite pictures with a few clicks of a mouse. Additional packs of high-quality and customizable photographic puzzles can be purchased from developer's site.

  • 3DJongPuzzle  75)   3DJongPuzzle 1.74
    3DJongPuzzle is the mah jongg - like tile solitaire game for Windows. It is a fun tile matching game, that tests your mind. The goal of 3DJongPuzzle is to remove all of the tiles from the game board. Tiles can be removed only in pairs of free tiles.

  • Asea  76)   Asea 1.3.1
    Navigate through lily-covered river streams and high seas in a paddle-boat. Do your best to make lily combos disappear and to get your cargo delivered on-time. Beautiful seaside environments, lots of artifacts to discover, 3 game modes and much more.

  • BubblePop Deluxe  77)   BubblePop Deluxe 1.0
    Control the launcher at the bottom of the play area and match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to make them pop. Look out for multiplier bubbles, idiot guides and fireballs, which will help you in your task.

  • JewelDrops Deluxe  78)   JewelDrops Deluxe 1.0
    JewelDrops Deluxe is a super enhanced and stylish tetris-style arcade game. During play, you manipulate triplets of jewels to form horizontal, vertical and diagonal runs as they drop down the gamefield. Addictive gameplay will keep you up all night!

  • Asianata  79)   Asianata 1.2.5
    Arrange colored balls into combos in this puzzle game. Make use of stone walls and plates, bonus balls, wind and gravity to put every ball into combo. Nice graphics and effects, realistic physics, smooth oriental music, 3 game modes and more.

  • Ever Mahjong  80)   Ever Mahjong 1.57
    Ever Mahjong is a new genuine 3-dimensional Mahjong sequel. User friendly interface, relaxing atmosphere, highly adjustable gamefield and background distinguish this game from others.

  • Jig Jag Gold  81)   Jig Jag Gold 1.3
    Sliding Block Puzzle Gaming taken to the Max! Assemble the pictures and they spring to life! Solve 75+ witty Logic Puzzles and play the Arcade and Strategy Games. Nonviolent. Will delight and challenge. Try it for free now!

  • Haunted House  82)   Haunted House 1.0
    Happy Halloween puzzle showing haunted house and witch flying by on a broomstick

  • Bubble Golden Pack 2  83)   Bubble Golden Pack 2 2.0
    All the games of Bubble series for OS 5 and Sony Clie combined in one! Now you can install these games - Bubble Shooter, Bubble Thriller and Bubble FlyTrix in one go. The goal is to explode all the bubbles before they overflow the board.

  • TeeGame  85)   TeeGame 1.0.0
    Try to eliminate all but one last tee by removing 1 and jumping the rest

  • Advanced Tetris  87)   Advanced Tetris 2.4
    Advanced Tetris for Pocket PC is a little more than just Tetris. It also includes Pentix, Color Tetris, Kids Tetris, Kids Pentix, Advanced Tetris and Advanced Pentix, Crazy Tetris and Crazy Pentix. A must-have for Tetris fans!

  • Treasure Fall  88)   Treasure Fall 1.2c
    Treasure Fall is a classic item matching puzzle game that anyone can play. Uncover the secrets of the enchanted treasure and use them to cast powerfull magical spells for bigger rewards.

  • Magic Tetcolor  89)   Magic Tetcolor 3.6
    Balanced tetris-style game with intuitive rules, midi player and skins. Rotate falling blocks to line up three or more of the same color. High scores are recorded, and an honor roll contains nice funny icons. Suitable for all ages.

  • BABLS Game  90)   BABLS Game 2.1.0
    BABLS Game is variation of an all-time classic puzzle game where you remove the balls (block or stars, upon your choice). Enjoy in infinite number of new games! It is designed to maintain your interest for hours!

  • Gold Strike  91)   Gold Strike
    Gold Strike Deluxe is the super-charged version of CleverMedia's wildly popular Gold Strike game.

  • Engineer 2  92)   Engineer 2 3.01
    Game consists of 6 worlds, 36 levels, music and easy-to-use interface. You have 60 seconds to connect all the tubing on a level before water starts flowing. If water reaches a tube that isn't connected, you lose.

  • Nonogram Deluxe  93)   Nonogram Deluxe 1.0.0
    Use your logical thinking to recreate a hidden picture based on the given hints. More than 560 nonogram puzzles.

  • Tetravex II Puzzle Solver  94)   Tetravex II Puzzle Solver 1.0.0
    Tetravex II is a puzzle software specifically designed to solve the popular Eternity II TM puzzle. It can also be used to solve almost any other 16x16 edge matching puzzles. Use this software to solve Eternity II puzzle and win $2 million cash!!

  • Logic Mahjong  95)   Logic Mahjong 1.0
    Logic Mahjong is a single player logic game. Remove the matching tiles from a mahjong board to win the game. 400+ Layouts, some up to 1200 tiles. Puzzles have a logical solution. Unlimited undo, redo, hint and reshuffle options. Complete mahjong game

  • Jigsaw Star - Beautiful Jigsaw Puzzles  96)   Jigsaw Star - Beautiful Jigsaw Puzzles 2.3
    Jigsaw Star - Beautiful Jigsaw Puzzles ( --- Lots and lots of beautiful jigsaw puzzles with different subjects. --- With more downloadable packs coming soon. --- Never run out of beautiful jigsaw puzzles again!

  • NonoGrid  97)   NonoGrid 1.0.1
    NonoGrid is a puzzle game that lets you play and solve nonograms/griddlers on your computer. Nonograms are logic puzzles, in which you need to uncover a picture consisting of black and white squares.

  • Kakuro Epic  98)   Kakuro Epic 3.61
    Kakuro puzzle game and solver for windows. Hint features include scan, markup and reveal cell. You can also enter puzzles from newspapers and solve them, or see the solution. Sizes from 6x6 to 14x14 and difficulties from easy to hard.

  • Mah Jongg - The Curse of Morxius  99)   Mah Jongg - The Curse of Morxius 2
    The Curse of Morxius is an arcade version of the classic mah jongg board game. Go through 12 levels of play and save the world from morxius. Game includes full screen action, hint function, undo function, high score, 10 bonus levels, background music

  • N Piece Tangram  100)   N Piece Tangram 1.0.0
    Play different variations of tangram (4, 5, 6, 7, 8 pieces), more than 270 different puzzles.

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